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Cover Page January 2014

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Volume 1, No 1 and January 2014
  • Colorectal cancer in Mauritius: facts and figures - A ten year retrospective study
    Savita Bundhoo, Smriti Agnihotri
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:10-15.
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  • Estimating the effects of the factors underlying the progression of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis using Longitudinal Com-Poisson Model
    Vandna Jowaheer, Naushad Ali Mamode Khan, Durga Charan Pati
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:16-21.
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  • Malignant mandibular tumors: two case reports of rare mandibular tumors in a single institution
    Mohd Athar, Smita Chauhan, Rakesh Tripathi, Sanjay Kala, Sachin Avasthi, Vinod Jangra, Manoj Srivastava, Sushant Luthra, Tanay Singh
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:22-29.
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