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Cover Page July 2014

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Volume 1, No 3 and July 2014
  • Metabolic Homeostasis, Biomarkers and Medical Education Assessment
    Okezie I Aruoma, Theeshan Bahorun, Arun Kumar Agnihotri, Sushil Dawka
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:92-95.
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  • Magnesium, calcium and phosphorus in the intensive care unit: Do we need to monitor?
    Chepsy C Philip, Mary John, John Abraham
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:96-102.
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  • Quiz gaming competitions for undergraduate medical students: Questioning the MediQuiz
    Rimli Barthakur, Rama Srivastava, Shraddha Thourani, Mahesh Kumar Thourani, Sushil Dawka
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:103-112.
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  • Cytokines in the interface of metabolomics based cancer and type-2 diabetes
    Arvind Kumar, Alok Tripathi, Sushil Dawka, Arun Kumar Agnihotri
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:113-120.
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  • Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity, 1st Edition, by Ronald Ross Watson
    Okezie I Aruoma
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:121-122.
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  • Robotic Surgery by G Watanabe
    Sushil Dawka
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:123-124
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