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Volume 1, No 4 and October 2014
  • Rethinking conventional approaches to the detection, management and amelioration of disease
    Sushil Dawka, Theeshan Bahorun, Okezie I Aruoma, Arun K Agnihotri
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:125-128. doi:10.4314/ambr.v1i4.1
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  • Sero-prevalence of IgM antibody to Rubella Virus in pregnant women in Zaria, Nigeria
    Okikiola Olajide, Maryam Aminu, Abdullahi J Randawa, Daniel S Adejo
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:129-138. doi:10.4314/ambr.v1i4.2
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  • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and diuretic activity of Ludwigia hyssopifolia Linn
    Banibrata Das, Juthika Kundu, Sitesh Chandra Bachar, Joydeb Kumar Kundu
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:139-146. doi:10.4314/ambr.v1i4.3
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  • Comparative pharmacokinetic analysis with Two Omeprazole Formulations “Proceptin®” and “Losec®” in Healthy Subjects
    Sajal Kumar Saha, Jayanta Kishor Chakrabarty, Sreedam Chandra Das, Tasfina Islam, Sitesh Chandra Bachar
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:147-155. doi:10.4314/ambr.v1i4.4
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  • Modulatory effects of green tea on HEK-293 cell energy metabolism: implications in diabetic nephropathy
    Naushad A Toolsee, Okezie I Aruoma, Philippe Rondeau, Emmanuel Bourdon, Theeshan Bahorun
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:156-162. doi:10.4314/ambr.v1i4.5
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  • Drug therapy and disease management: An opinion - The Impact of Memantine and One-on-One Caregiver Contact on Antipsychotic Medication Prescribed to Elderly Veterans with Dementia: Potential Global Care Strategy
    Abimbola Farinde, Okezie I Aruoma
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:163-168. doi:10.4314/ambr.v1i4.6
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  • The Interplay of Diabetes, and Health Self Efficacy, Cognition and Compliance
    Joseph Indelicato, Vanessa Gilchriest
    Arch Med Biomed Res. 2014;1:169-174.doi:10.4314/ambr.v1i4.7
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