Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, India

Cosmetic Surgery is a new superspecialty of body shaping, sculpturing individual body parts to enhance beauty, figure and looks. But, the need and concept to beautify oneself is time immemorial. Uses of flowers, leaves, plant twigs were used in early stages of human civilization. Use of stones and animal bones are well known. Ivory products are known to enjoy high position and preferential status in society from olden times. Even today some cultures still use ivory and stone ornaments. Uses of pearls are well known. Now-a-days jewelry made of silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and precious stones are preferred choices of elite classes.

Use of various cosmetics to enhance beauty is in practice for almost all body parts, namely, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, forehead, full face, hairs and nails of hand and feet. Use of pricks and studs in ears, nose, umbilicus and many many more parts, may be difficult to imagine their utility by some persons, but, are the need of many.

Need to look better than others and to stay young with youthful appearance have kept the mankind in race to search better and newer options. One such practice is COSMETIC SURGERY. The number of people accepting cosmetic surgery as the final answer to their requirements is increasing every day. The fact that total cosmetic surgery procedures done world wide every year outnumbers the sum total of all other surgeries put together is enough recognition.

Let us try to understand why one will need to go for cosmetic surgery. Clothing, ornaments and use of cosmetics can give feeling of betterment to those bodies that are basically in shape and figure. Faces with wrinkled skin, crooked nose, bulky and fatty belly cannot and will not look better with the use of non surgical means listed above. Media has played a vital role in spreading message of the significance, value and importance of human appearance. Wisdom prevailing in individuals takes them to the doors of cosmetic Surgeon for the definitive corrections.

Other class of persons who are not happy with the given shape, size or profile of one or more body parts suffer from 'complex' in their minds. These fail to perform efficiently. Cosmetic surgery comes to their rescue to transform their lives.

In every one's life, time comes when they look for an ideal life partner. No one is ready to compromise on any thing less than the best. Education and status are important and are adequately matched. Verdict on appearance and presentable personality is final. When a boy is rejected on the ground that his nose was not of right shape or girl refused for thick lips or flat chest, imagine the magnitude of suffering which gloom in their head. After two or three such failures, hidden dejection comes to surface; it shows its presence on every one in family, thus attaining the picture of a social problem. Importance of Cosmetic Surgery as necessity is not better understood by any one else than such sufferers sailing in the same boat.

Similar situation arises when all suitable educated well trained and competent people queue-up for a job. Selection of most beautiful candidate leaves behind rest with small faces, depressed and dejected lot. Those who have faced such agony can only appreciate the plight of such defeated lot. Their feeling is that of 'defeated from one self own'. Since they do not want to lag behind any one, their answer is in getting themselves improved, or enhanced or beautifying themselves with the help of a competent, qualified, experienced, certified and recognized cosmetic surgeon. He restores their confidence and brings them to fore, second to none.

Few happily married people also come for cosmetic surgery. These are who do not want to see any short coming in their partner. Their submission is, if we can correct the needful shape and size of the breast or any other part, why not to do it. Wisdom which prevails in their mind is not to compromise and their counterpart has to look in perfect shape.

Remember, a lady who kept her shape and figure with utmost care, regular exercising, very judicious control on diet and intakes gets her family with cute little babies, but, lost her figure and shape while she is not even 30. Whole of her life is in front and there is now no charm in wearing choicey outfits, accepting the glare of watching people as if she is middle aged woman. She has the right to live her life the way she wants. She wants to be in shape. She joins yoga classes and many more promising institutions wasting lots of her precious time and hard earned money – with no result outcome. The looseness on tummy is still there, flanks are full and shaped as folds, breasts sagging, face pigmentations, and the glow and charm on face is lost. Much needed enjoyment between the partners is missing. Noticeable change in attitude of husband is disturbing. To go for cosmetic surgery becomes an imperative need.

It is imperative that your dress code and activities should be in accordance with the prevailing rules of society. You should be 'In Fashion'. To be a part of beach culture, pubs and parties, you need to dress up with 'in fashion' outfits; really showing most of the curves and delicately shaped attractive body. You wish to be 'In focus' and admired by others. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will quickly get your point, how so ever small it may be. Sculpturing your body to your need is an art. Perfect execution of which classifies cosmetic surgeons as 'Good' or 'Average'. Uncompromisingly, desire to stay on top, drives you to the cosmetic surgeon, who will show his ability and technical skills of art and science sculpturing and crafting your delicate body.

Quite a good number of middle aged patients come for cosmetic surgery because the teenagers want their parents to look young and smart. Particularly, when younger ones want their friends or would be partners to meet their mom and dad. They do not want to lose any point. Necessity role of cosmetic surgery comes to play.

Divorced persons before starting hunt for new partners addresses themselves to know what has gone wrong with their body now. With the help of a cosmetic surgeon they get corrections of what they need. Most common are liposuctions, tummy tuck, breast uplifting, sizing and shaping, facial cosmetic surgery, peels and vaginoplasty-size and shape corrections.

Database of the patients coming for cosmetic surgery show that male to female ratio is almost equal. Almost all age groups are represented as patients. Need for cosmetic surgery is almost equal in lower and middle income group as well as upper and affluent classes.

Accidental injuries are part of life. When it comes to injury on face or other visible parts, every one is upset. If patient gets services of a cosmetic surgeon who helps in avoiding bad prominent scars to minimally visible or almost invisible scars, he feels satisfied and happy too.

Struggle for existence and survival of fittest are laws of the nature. Meaning and relevance of these are now better understood with increasing competition. Role of cosmetic surgery is in keeping humans fit in shape and figure, young and youthful - to stay in front.

Gone are the days when people used to say that cosmetic surgery is only for rich people who can afford to enjoy luxury. Scenarios presented above are the every day stories and happenings of most of us. While some people are shy to admit its need, more and more people are coming forward to obtain solutions of their daily problems.

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