When darkness falls on paradise - Suicide in the Transkei, by Prof Banwari Lal Meel,
Design and Layout by Darryn Rogers, South Africa, 88 pages,
Soft cover, ISBN: 978-0-620-46555-7

This book is the result of a long standing desire of the author to present the magnitude of the vast field of suicide in the background of the present social structure.

He has studied extensively about suicide and has acquired an in-depth scientific understanding about the same.

Professor Meel’s approach is very scientific and methodical. It is one of the rare books of its kind and will definitely satisfy the long felt curiosity of persons with a scientific bent of mind about these subjects.

In addition, it was both interesting and informative to become acquainted with the richness of historical data included throughout this work. You cleverly wove together the threads of African culture with the twine of science to create a colorful and fascinating tableau.

The amount of research this author has done comes through in the telling. True history is included, tightly woven with threads of reality. Truly an informative read that stays with me.

I am honored that you allowed me to read your book, “when darkness falls on paradise - Suicide in the Transkei”. I was spellbound!

Without reservation, I heartily recommend this book.

Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin
Police Medical Officer
Police Medical Division, Victoria Hospital
Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius
Email: drsgungadin@yahoo.com