Received: April 18, 2008
Accepted: June 22, 2008
Sanghi D, Avasthi S, Srivastava RN, Singh A. Nutritional Factors and Osteoarthritis: A review article. Internet Journal of Medical Update 2009 Jan;4(1):42-53.


Ms. Divya Sanghi MSc, Dr. Sachin Avasthi MS, Prof. R N Srivastava MS and Dr. Ajai Singh MS

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, CSMMU, Lucknow (UP), India

(Corresponding Author: Ms. Divya Sanghi, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, CSMMU, Lucknow (UP), India, Email:


Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common disease according to TNS Arogya survey 2007. Although OA was previously thought to be a progressive degenerative disorder, it is now known that spontaneous arrest or reversal of disease can occur. Conventional medications are often effective for symptomatic relief but they can also cause significant side effects and do not slow the progression of disease. Though the role of nutritional factors in OA has been suggested as early as 700 BC, it was first established in the 1960s. Several nutritional factors are helpful in relieving the symptoms of OA and they might positively affect the progression of the disease without any side effects. Preliminary evidences suggest several of these may have a role in influencing the course of OA. Studies have proven the role of these factors and experiment based results have established their therapeutic role. Research is ongoing on the beneficial properties of plant derived extracts for OA and nutraceuticals industries are accordingly making firm contribution to this sector. This article focuses the role of nutrients to slow down the progression of OA and their future aspects.

KEY WORDS: Osteoarthritis; Dietary factors; Nutrition; Review