Received: June 16, 2012
Accepted: February 19, 2013
Kachewar SG, Sankaye SB, Kulkarni DS. Ultrasound review of seven cases of breast tuberculosis. Internet J Med Update. 2013 Jul;8(2):58-61.

Ultrasound review of seven cases of breast tuberculosis

Sushil G Kachewar* MD DNB, Smita B Sankaye** MD and Devidas S Kulkarni* MD

*Department of Radiodiagnosis, **Department of Pathology, Rural Medical College, PIMS, Loni, Maharashtra, India

(Corresponding Author: Dr. Sushil G Kachewar, Department of Radiodiagnosis, Rural Medical College, PIMS, Loni, Maharashtra, India; Mobile: +919921160357; Email:


Tuberculosis of the breast is a rare entity. Etiologically it can be divided into Primary Breast Tuberculosis and Secondary Breast Tuberculosis. On ultrasound, three different appearances of breast tuberculosis have been described, depending upon the imaging morphology visualized on sonomammography. The most common type is nodular type, followed by diffuse type, and sclerosing type. Clinical relevance lies in their potential to mimic breast malignancy. Hence an awareness of the different patterns is essential. This article reviews the ultrasound findings in seven cases of clinico-pathologically and microbiologically proven cases of breast tuberculosis that presented in the imaging department in the last 24 months. Secondary tuberculosis was more common than the primary form and the most common pattern on ultrasound was the nodular pattern. Pathological as well as Microbiological studies were in agreement in three cases only Microbiological studies were positive in two cases; only the Pathology report was positive in one case and in one case local site Microbiological as well as Pathological reports were negative although it was a case of abdominal tuberculosis.

KEY WORDS: Breast Tuberculosis; Primary; Secondary; Ultrasound; Acid Fast Bacilli; Pathology; Microbiology; Imaging