Received: March 04, 2009
Accepted: June 01, 2010
Jayakumar J, Chakrapani M, Vidyasagar A, Rai S, Pavan MR, Shetty M. Diabetic muscle infarction - a case report. Internet J Med Update 2010 Jul;5(2):63-64.


Dr. J. Jayakumar* MD, Dr. M. Chakrapani MD, Dr. Ajay Vidyasagar MD, Dr. Santhosh RaiØ MD, Dr. M. R. Pavan MD and Dr. Meenakshi Shetty* MD

*Associate Professor, Professor, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Mangalore, India
ØAssistant Professor, Department of Radio diagnosis, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Mangalore, India

(Corresponding Author: Dr. J. Jayakumar, A-13, RNE Flats, Light House Hill Road, Mangalore-575003, India; Cell no. 09343351015; Email:


Diabetic muscle infarction is a rare complication in patients of long standing diabetes mellitus with multiple end organ microvascular sequelae. A case of a 69 year old lady with a 10 year history of diabetes mellitus, with sudden onset of right thigh pain is described here. This case illustrates the need for increasing awareness among clinicians for early recognition of diabetic muscle infarction.

KEY WORDS: Diabetic complications; Muscle infarction