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(Published: January 01, 2010)



  • Originality in Medical Writing
    Professor Sushil Dawka (Surgery) Mauritius
    [Full text] [PDF]

Original Work

  • Role of Echogenic Amniotic Fluid Particles and Optical Density in prediction of Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Labor
    Dr. Shankar H S Ram (Obstetrics) India
    [Abstract] [Full text-PDF]
  • Study of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: characteristics, risk factors and outcome
    Dr. Shalini Tripathi (Pediatrics) India
    [Abstract] [Full text-PDF]
  • Clinical assessment of functional outcome in lateral epicondylitis managed by local infiltration of autologous blood
    Dr. Ajay Bharti (Orthopedics) India
    [Abstract] [Full text-PDF]
  • Analysis of ankle alignment abnormalities as a risk factor for pediatric flexible flat foot
    Dr. Ajai Singh (Orthopedics) India
    [Abstract] [Full text-PDF]
  • A Different Technique of Primary Indirect Inguinal Hernia Repair by Inserting a Synthetic Mesh into the Pre and Retroperitoneal Spaces to Wrap the Peritoneal Reflection: Preliminary Report
    Professor Aydın Altan (Surgery) Turkey
    [Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


  • Proteomics: an evolving technology in Laboratory Medicine
    Dr. Javed Akhter (Laboratory Medicine) Saudi Arabia
    [Abstract] [Full text-PDF]
  • Interaction between anti-hypertensive and non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs: implications in management of osteoarthritis and opinion on a compromise therapy
    Dr. Talhatu K. Hamzat (Physiotherapy) Nigeria
    [Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Case report

  • Catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome in leprosy
    Dr. Vaibhav Chewoolkar (Medicine) India
    [Abstract] [Full text-PDF]
  • Long-standing unreduced anterior dislocation of the knee - a case report
    Dr. Navin Kumar Karn (Orthopedics) Nepal
    [Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Letter to editor

  • Cancer Nanotechnology--- A Panacea
    Dr. Vicky V Mody (Medicinal Chemistry) USA
    [Full text] [PDF]
  • Pattern of injuries in deaths due to bomb explosion
    Dr. Manoj Kumar Pathak (Forensic Medicine) India
    [Full text] [PDF]
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