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Gambling addiction: what every doctor needs to know?
Sanju George and Chidi Chima
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Original Work
Association of physical activity and physical fitness with blood pressure profile in maharashtrian adolescent boys and girls
Parkhad Suchitra B and Palve Sachin B
[Abstract] [Full Text-PDF]
Seroprevalence pattern among blood donors in a tertiary health care centre
Sethi Bhawna, Kumar Satish, Butola K S, Mishra J P and and Kumar Yogesh
[Abstract] [Full Text-PDF]
A Review of Causes of Mortality in an Acute Medicine of the Elderly and Acute Stroke Service
Ogundipe OA, Vink E and Mair J
[Abstract] [Full Text-PDF]
Prophylactic antioxidants and phenolics of seagrass and seaweed species: A seasonal variation study in a Southern Indian Ocean Island, Mauritius
Sundy Ramah, Lekraj Etwarysing, Nazia Auckloo, Arvind Gopeechund, Ranjeet Bhagooli and Theeshan Bahorun
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Brief Communication
An E-mail Service in a Military Adolescent Medicine Clinic: Will teens use it and what for?
Amy Thompson, John Campagna, Belinda F. Hernandez and Timothy Roberts
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Case Report
Microeconomics of managing Diabetic Ketoacidosis in a rural Nigerian child of low socioeconomic class: a case report
Baba Usman Ahmadu, Andy Angela Nnanubumom, Hussaini Mohammed and Joshua Habila Sharah
[Abstract] [Full Text-PDF]
An unusual case of common carotid artery pseudoaneurysm caused by migration of swallowed sewing needle
Ganesh Sanap, Kiran Naiknaware, Kishor Taori and Anil Bhaya
[Abstract] [Full Text-PDF]
Familial haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis: rare cause of acute liver failure in a neonate - a case report
Rahul Ojha, Sayed Zia, Fauwaz Al-Kasim and Abdul Rehman Al-Hussaini A
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